Work Party jobs list

  1. Clear and tidy land between the top gates
  2. Create Habitat piles – (‘Bug Hotels’)
  3. Create edge between the top gates
  4. Footpath side bank - general clearance
  5. Remove rubble/stones from verge on right of roadway
  6. Cut back reeds on the driveway area
  7. Cut back reeds by pontoons
  8. Green gate - paint remaining rust and then topcoat
  9. Cut back by wooden fence line
  10. Clear boat park numbers
  11. Fix old workshop gutter
  12. Create concrete ramp for mowers
  13. Tidy out left hand boat shed
  14. Move metal workbench from boatshed
  15. Remove outside sink by galley window
  16. Clear junk from behind bar area
  17. Clean and prep corridor walls. Re paint
  18. Galley big clean (after lunch)
  19. Clear underneath race box and install door
  20. Clear and clean race box
  21. Main pontoon - remove old scaffolding & non-slip
  22. Paint goose gates
  23. Repair club boats
  24. Check club boats tie downs
  25. Paint club boats trollies
  26. Clean, polish and recoat power boats
  27. Fill rabbit holes
  28. Deep clean both changing rooms
  29. Remove junk from between the old workshops
  30. Finish rebuilding training pontoon
  31. Slipway stone
  32. Remove sycamore trees in trailer area
  33. Chip the sycamore trees branches to top up trailer area extension
  34. Extend trailer storage area
  35. Infill bank breach
  36. Lay and install hose pipe outlet on slip by for powerboat after use washing
  37. Replace and paint committee boat floor panels
  38. Lake bank general vegetation clearance
  39. Remove old fire extinguisher bracket by front uPVC RH door
  40. PB1 & PB2 expoy screws on keelband.
  41. Wash marker buoys
  42. Sort lost property
  43. Paint PB1 trolley angle iron
  44. Trolley area weeding
  45. Trolley tidy up
  46. Bosun's hut ladder storage rack
  47. Electrical remedial work
  48. Fit shelves for clubhouse books
  49. Tractor mod nracketing
  50. Floating debris
  51. Pollard willows in lake east bank