Sailing is a great sport for kids!  As well as getting them into the fresh air, it teaches them self reliance, water confidence, team work and so much more.  Here at Hunts SC we follow the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme which has four stages, each one building on the last and leading to their own certificate, so they can see themselves making progress.

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But that's not all; the process is also intended to be one of continous assessment, so if a child achieves a skill from the next level up they can have it signed off by their instructor, even though it may be part of the next Stage. Once all components of a Stage have been signed off, a prestigious RYA certificate is awarded!

Stages 1 and 2

For complete beginners, these stages introduce the basics of steering, launching, tacking, controlling speed and avoiding collisions. Children might typically sail optimists or toppers at this level. We prefer to combine these stages so that children gain a good grasp of sailing skills on which they can then build under supervision by either parents or instructors.


Stage 3

We recommend that children do practise before going to Stage 3 from Stage 2, especially if they have had a break from sailing over the winter. This stage builds on what has already been learned and introduces rigging, capsize technique and some theory. After the course the child should be able to sail around a triangular course in moderate conditions.

Stage 4

This course refines technique and expands knowledge to include sailing a double handed dinghy and acting as both crew and helm, recovering a man overboard dummy and picking up a mooring. By this stage your child should be capable of joining a club race and can move on to take the Youth Improvers and Advanced courses.

For Stage 1 and 2 courses we usually only accept children of 8 years or older.  However, if your child has experience of being on the water we may be able to offer them a place.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss.

For more information on sailing courses for children here.