Open Meetings


19th: Supernova Training Day
20th: Supernova Open (click here for the results)

28th:   Comet Open

4th - 5th: CVRDA Open with Vintage Merlin / SigneT (click here for NoR)

12th:  Mirror
18th: Solo Open


13th: Laser Open Meeting


12th Enterprise and D-Zero
19th: British Moth and Lightning Open
20th: British Moth Open

Youth League 2019

27th April: at Cam Sailing Club
1st June: at Grafham Water Sailing Club
13th July: at Ely Sailing Club
7th September: at Hunts Sailing Club
12th October: at Paxton Sailing Club


Note, specific documents may be produced for some events.  They will be added to the relevant calendar entry.