At Hunts we are fortunate enough to have a number of club boats for use on training courses and also by those members who have not yet bought a boat of their own, or wish to use a suitable boat for guests.

Club boats are available to all members and can be used for various reason when you first join if you don’t have a boat, if you need a boat for a training course, some members might want to and want to ‘try before you buy’ different boat configuration/types, or to allow families to all be out on the water at the same time, etc. They are there for all members so please remember to look after them and leave them in good order for others to use.

These Club boats are available for hire at very reasonable rates, but can only be booked in advance for use on training courses.  Otherwise a first-come, first-served system is used.

The boats


These are great boats for the youngest sailors in the family.  They are small single handers with basic, uncomplicated controls. Sail area is just over 3.5m2 and the boat is 2.3m in length.


A very popular single hander, suitable for small adults and children, the Topper is an excellent way to enjoy both crusing and racing, and an ideal starter boat. Sail area is just over 5m2 and the boat is 3.4 metres in length.  We now also have a small number of 4.2m2 sails for slightly lighter sailors.


A fun boat for the small adult or larger child.  The Pico has a sail area of just over 5m2, and can also be sailed by two with a small jib.


Similar to the Pico but with a more spacious cockpit, the Quba can be sailed by one or two people. It has a sail area of 5.7m2, and can also be sailed with a small jib.


The Feva is suitable to be sailed by two young sailors or by an adult and child, and may also be sailed single-handed. The main sail is 5.3m2, with a 2m2 jib and a 6.8m2 spinnaker.


A doublehander with an asymmetric spinnaker, this is the main boat we train adults in so a familiar sail if you've recently learnt the basics. Great for pottering about and for starting racing.


A doublehander with asymmetric spinnaker and trapeze, so not for the faint-hearted! Great for teenagers and adults alike, this boat needs some experience to sail but is great for developing skills further.

Hiring Club Boats

Who can hire a Club boat?

  • The Vagos and the 2000 may only be hired by experienced sailors, competent to RYA Level 2 / Stage 3 or equivalent. The helm must be a Club member.
  • Toppers, Oppies, Picos and Qubas may be hired by guests.

When can I hire a Club boat?

  • Club boats can only be hired when there is a Club Duty Officer on site and a safety boat on the water.
  • Club boats may be used only when average wind strength is 20kts or below, the gusts are less than 25kts and the Duty Officer agrees.
  • Masthead floats must be used on all boats.

How do I pay?

You should hire and pay for club boats before using a boat

Hire payment is no longer available via the website.

  • Complete the sign up sheet in the galley before using a club boat.
  • Payment must be made before using a club boat (in the galley using the card reader or cash).
  • Hire charges include insurance and the maintenance of the boats.
  • Please report any damage at start and end of hire to the Duty Officer.
  • You may be liable for £100 insurance excess should the equipment be damaged through negligence.

What does it cost?

Prices shown are half day / full day. Half day: 9am-12.20pm or 1pm-4.30pm.

Oppi (£6/£9)

Topper (£6/£9)

Pico (£7/£10)

Quba (£7/£10)

Feva (£8/£12)

2000 (£16/£22)

Vago (£16/£22)