What is it?

The direct assessment is a way for experienced powerboaters to be assessed against the Powerboat Level 2 standard and ultimately be issued a certificate. Candidates should have the equivalent of at least one full season's powerboat handling experience.

How long does it take?

We allow around half a day. The full course Level 2 course is two full days.

What is involved?

It involves taking a practical test of your boat handling skills, and answering questions on the theory that would be covered in a full course (such as controls, rules, basic navigation); we will discuss the full requirements with you in advance so you can check your own knowledge.

Do I get any tuition?

No. You are supposed to already have the required knowledge and experience. There will be time for familiarisation and practice in the boat.

What if I make a mistake?

Well that depends on what the mistake is! We are looking at your overall ability, safe boat handling and seamanship. Realising you’ve made a mistake and taking timely action to correct it, or trying again, is fine; making the same mistake repeatedly or leaving it too late to act suggests a lack of understanding.

What happens if I don’t pass?

If you do not reach the standard required we will work with you to develop an action plan. This may mean working on some specific skills or knowledge before trying the assessment again, or we may recommend you do the full course.