If you have any further questions just ask the Duty Officer.

Who runs the club?

The club is owned and run by its members. We own the lake and some of its surrounds, and we rely on volunteers doing one or two duties per year to help us operate on days when the club is open. There are also teams of volunteers who help with management and maintenance. Offers of help are always welcome!

Can I check the conditions before I arrive?

You can check the forecast on windfinder.com and look for Wyton or on windguru.cz and search for Hunts Sailing Club in the ‘spots’. We also have a webcam and a weather station which you can access from our website.

Can I bring friends or family (non-members) to sail?

Yes, visitors can be signed-in a maximum of 6 times. The signing-in book is on the bar.

When is the Galley open?

Whenever there is a Committee member on duty, i.e. when the club is officially open. Sometimes it is opened on a voluntary basis such as on Tuesday afternoons or Thursday evenings. The bar is opened after racing on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Can I use the club when it is not officially open?

You can use only the changing rooms and toilets by obtaining a changing room key from the Galley (£10 deposit).

Where can I keep my valuables?

We recommend all valuables be either locked in your car or put in a locker. Locker keys are available from the Galley free of charge for the day, please return them before leaving.

What happens if I sell my boat?

If you do not plan to replace it, please tell the Dinghy Park team who can allocate the space to someone else. If you do replace it, please notify the Dinghy Park team and Membership Sec so that they know about the change. Please note if you sell your boat to another member, they are not automatically entitled to take on your boat berth. Speak to the Dinghy Park team.

How do I look after my boat berth?

The club keeps lawnmowers in the left hand equipment shed for members to use to keep their berths tidy. The code for the lock is on your membership acceptance letter. Tie down stakes are available to purchase (£12 per pair) – see Bosun or Ian Moffatt. Please note it is a condition of membership (and most insurance) that all boats must be securely tied down in their berths when not in use to prevent damage to other boats. All boats kept on site must be insured.

Are dogs allowed on site?

Yes, dogs are allowed on site provided they are kept on leads and you pick up after them. Dogs are not allowed in the water. Only Assistance Dogs are allowed in the building.

Can I swim in the lake?

No. Swimming is not allowed.

Can I bring my SUP, canoe or kayak to the club?

Yes provided it has third party liability insurance.

How can I access the free Wi-Fi at the club?

Ask the Duty Officer for the password.

Where can I find the Sailing Instructions?

Sailing Instructions are pinned to the racing noticeboard in the clubhouse and a copy is also kept on the website and in the Race Box.

Where do I find Club Rules?

A full copy of the Rules can be found on the website and pinned to the noticeboard.