Provisional list of jobs for the work parties on 18th and 25th February - please bring appropriate clothing and equipment! Lunch is provided for those helping out. If you have any questions or have jobs to add, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Clean fridges, cookers and microwave
  • Clean extractor fans - kitchen and changing rooms
  • Clean clubhouse heater


  • Tree pruning
  • Clean up dinghy park and trailer park
  • Ensure that there are no free ropes in the boat pens that will catch the mowers
  • Car park - possibly filling potholes
  • Cut back willows
  • Clear area near the road
  • Clear the reeds near the slipway
  • Play area fence + astroturf
  • Run bonfire


  • Club boats - cleaning and checking
  • Jetty repair
  • Spring clean race box, inside and out
  • Install Optimist gear store
  • Clean buoys
  • Repair and paint committee boat cabin
  • Battery switches on safety boats