By far the best way to find out what the club is like is to visit us at the clubhouse come down to the Club on a Sunday lunch time or a Wednesday evening after sailing (April to early September), when there will always be a committee member available to welcome you and tell you a bit about the club.

You will find that the club has a friendly open approach that offers a broad spectrum of sailing opportunities for both dinghy and sailboards including training, racing, casual family sailing and social activities. The club also has a number of club boats that can be used by members, so you can try different types of boat and do not need to buy your own before you are sure you enjoy sailing.

Membership Fees 2019

Fees are charged annually; if you join part way through the season the membership fee is reduced pro rata.

  • Different categories of membership exist for individuals, families, social, cadets and students.
  • There is also a sailing fee which is payable for each boat that is sailed at the club. For members, there is no boat park or storage fee for keeping your boat in the boatpark (but space is limited).


Annual fee: Individual member


Applies to a single adult sailing member.

Annual fee: Family membership


Applies to an adult and spouse/partner sailing members. Including any children of the family members that are under 18 on 1st January

Annual fee: Cadet / Student member


Reduced fee for youngsters under 18 on 1st January or existing member 18+ in full-time education.

(Cadet membership must be linked to an "adult" membership such as a social membership because a responsible adult is requirred to be at the club whilst the cadet is sailing)

Annual fee: Social / Non-sailing


Applies to partners or individuals that want to use the club facilities socially but do not sail.

Sailing fee: Adult


Annual charge for each boat / sailboard sailed or kept at the club

Sailing fee : Cadet / Student


Reduced sailing fee for boat / sailboard used only by under 18 or student member

Temporary / winter membership:

(open only to members of other clubs)





2-handed boat

Single-handed boat



Cadet block membership

Suitable for clubs and societies whose members are students or cadets:



(includes 3 boats/sailboards)

Each additional boat

Adult block membership

Suitable for clubs and societies



(includes 3 boats/sailboards)

Each additional boat

The membership fees are set at a level that covers the running of the club. The club is not a profit-making organisation and is set up as a private members club.

As a private members club, in order to conform to the licencing laws (not just club rules), you do have to become a member to use the facilities. To do that you  need to submit an online application for membership - there is the formality of an approvals process.

The club is run by its members for its members - it is not a commercial organisation with staff. Therefore, one additional commitment of your membership is in the form of helping to run the club itself. You will be asked to help at the club once or twice a year to organise the activities on that day. The club cannot function without you and this is also a great opportunity to get to know other members much better than you would otherwise.

To submit a membership application click here.

Brian Welham

Hon. Membership Secratary