Hunts Sailing Club is a privately owned and run sailing club which is run by the members for the members. The club is located on the outskirts of St Ives, Cambridgeshire on an old gravel pit. We have a current membership of around 400 with berthing for over 300 dinghies on the club's premises. The club is a recognised RYA teaching establishment which gives us good scope to run all sorts of training courses for the membership. The lake is approximately 50 acres with a gentle shoreline around a spit making a large natural launching area.


Currently Lasers, Enterprises and Solos and Phantoms have fleet status. We also have a strong handicap fleet which is a good mixture of single and double handed boats of all speeds with Comets, Toppers, Phantoms and Supernovas being the main single handed boats, and RS200s, Fireballs and Wanderers being the main double handed boats. There is just one guarantee and that is whatever you sail you will be made welcome at Hunts.


If you would like to visit us, or join the club, please click here.