Cadet week bookings now open

Cadet Week offers four days of fun afloat that will get your child ready for sailing this summer. As well as enjoying structured tuition from qualified instructors, they can improve their skills through fun and games on the water that will help them make new friends and become confident young sailors.

We are just as interested in developing confidence and ability as we are in presenting certificates, so please ensure you choose the right course for your child rather than simply going on the stage they may have achieved previously, especially if they have not sailed yet this year. We do reserve the right to move a child to a more appropriate course for their ability level should the need arise.

Choose which course is right for your child

Current standard: Complete beginner, never sailed before.

Which course? Red Course: for those who have never sailed before. This course will teach them the basics and should enable them to keep sailing through the summer with relative independence.    

Possible outcome: Stages 1 and 2. A capable beginner.

Current standard:  Has done Stage 1, aiming for Stage 2, no recent sailing experience.

Which course? Yellow Course: for those who did Stage 1 last year but haven’t sailed recently and need refreshing before Stage 2. This group will spend time refreshing skills through games and fun exercises before joining Red Course to move on to Stage 2. 

Possible outcome: Stage 2. A confident beginner.

Current standard:  Has done Stage 2 but has not sailed much since. Aiming for Stage 3.

Which course? Blue Course: for those who know the basics but haven’t sailed recently and need a refresher before going on to tackle the challenges of Stage 3. Day four will be spent polishing skills with a combination of racing and games.

Possible outcome: Stage 3. A confident, competent sailor.

Current standard:  Has done Stage 3, sails independently and with confidence.

Which course? Green course: for those who want to expand into double hander sailing with Stage 4, and then an introduction to Advanced Modules (seamanship, spinnakers, racing) through the Level 3 Better Sailing course.    

Possible outcome: Stage 4 / Level 3. Confident in double handers, has a grasp of advanced techniques.