Step Three – What has changed?

As we go in to Step Three of the Government’s Roadmap out of lockdown we are much closer to being able to operate the club along the lines of what we used to see as ‘normal’. Whilst this is good news, it’s also important that we continue to exercise some degree of caution and common sense. Hands – Space – Face still apply and remember, everyone needs to be able to operate within their own comfort zone. Some people might be happy relaxing social distancing and moving in for a hug, others may not, so please, be considerate!

We cover updates to use of changing rooms, safety cover, accessing the clubhouse, galley and bar, visitors and spectators, and duties.

Changing rooms

We opened the changing rooms a short while ago. They will remain open but will still have limited capacity to allow for social distancing indoors, so please follow the magnetic button system on the changing room doors. Please continue to change at home unless you get very cold. The showers remain closed.

Safety cover

We are now able to revert to having two people in the safety boat. This is subject to both people in the safety boat being happy to operate with limited opportunity to maintain distance and to wear masks when recovering people into the safety boat. Those driving a double crew safety boat should sign up for refresher training if they have not driven a powerboat in the last 12 months and should have completed either the club acquaint course or RYA Powerboat 2.


Although we are now allowed to open the clubhouse we have taken the decision to restrict access as we cannot ensure social distancing for all who might wish to go inside; there simply isn’t space and it would be unfair if some could get inside and not others. This is under review. We will be putting chairs and table back outside.

Galley and bar

We are now able to offer a limited galley or bar service which will comprise snack and drinks. Only the person on galley duty may be in the galley and they should wear a mask whilst serving. This also applies to the bar. For both galley and bar there will be a one way system operating through the clubhouse. Takeaway food, ordered in advance, may be available at open meetings for competitors only.

Visitors and spectators

Non-members and spectators may now visit the club, but we ask that you continue to use common sense and limit the number of non-sailing people you bring to the club; the high water level, combined with not being able to go indoors, means space is still restricted. Please be cautious and considerate at all times.


Safety boat assistant and galley duties are now available on Dutyman.

Our FAQs and Rick Assessments will be uploaded soon!