Frequently Asked Questions

We are aware that everyone is keen to get back on the water, and that everyone has questions about when and how that can happen. We’ve compiled a list of FAQs with answers which we hope will tell you most of what you need to know.

Please be aware:

  • We still need to maintain social distancing as much as possible.
  • We still need to wear masks when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • We still need to focus on Hands, Face, Space
  • We still need to be conservative and considerate in what we do around the club

The responses given below have been drawn from the Government document which can be found here, our own Spring 2021 Risk Assessment which can be found here. In the case of any confusion please refer to these documents. The Government document takes precedence at all times.

When can I go sailing?

We are hoping to be able to follow the Government Roadmap which states that outdoor sports facilities can re-open on 29th March. This is subject to change should the Government decide that it is not yet safe to do so. All being well you should be able to visit the club grounds to check your boat and berth and to sail if you feel it is safe to do so on or after 29th March.

Should you choose to go afloat, you do so at your own risk.

We strongly advise that you check your boat thoroughly before sailing, and that ideally you sail with company, not alone.  Check the weather conditions in advance and consider using a mast head float.


Please if possible, rig your boat in or close to your berth to stop groups forming around launch areas and slipways.

Launching and Recovery

When launching and recovering close contact with other sailors is a high risk, therefore please try and lessen this by keeping a two metre distance from each other, allowing plenty of time to get afloat, especially when racing. Please remember not to leave your trolley in the water, and be considerate towards others allowing them time to launch or recover.

When will there be safety cover available?

We have organised that there will be safety cover available on Tuesday 30th as part of the usual holiday Family Sailing. This will start at 10.00am. Following this there will be the usual Saturday afternoon sailing and racing according to the club calendar in your handbook.

When does racing start?

There is racing for the Easter Egg trophy on Easter Sunday. We have safety cover and race officers in place and are good to go! The first race will start no sooner than 11.00am, the race officer will wait for everyone to launch as space is limited due to the high water level. Wednesday evening Twilight Series racing starts on 7th April with racing starting at 7.00pm.

Can I sign up for duties?

Yes. Use Dutyman to sign up for Race Officer or Assistant Race Officer duties, or Safety Boat if you have been given approval by the Committee.

Will the clubhouse be open?

Not yet. The toilets will be open, operating as before, one in, one out. You must change at home or by your car. There is no galley so please bring your own food and drink if coming to race.

Can I hire a club boat?

Yes when there is safety cover and a Duty Officer is present. You can hire and pay for a club boat via the booking system on the website. Spray equipment and sanitiser will be available for you to cleanse the boat following use. Ask the Duty Officer if you need help.

Can I come and work on my boat and berth?

You can visit the club grounds for maintenance from the 29th onwards. Please be aware the Government is still asking us to minimise travel. If you are doing work on your boat or checking it over please do so only with members of your own household and maintain social distancing if others are on site. When using communal equipment please use the sanitising equipment provided and return equipment to be sanitised before passing it on to anyone else.

Can my friends or family come to see me sail or race?

No. visits to the club should be for exercise purposes only. We need to be able to minimise numbers onsite and maintain social distancing. Exercise can include kayaking and stand up paddle boards.

Can I sail a double hander with someone not from my household or bubble?

First and foremost, you must obey the rules on mask wearing. Should you choose to go ahead please note you do so at your own risk. Click here to download the risk assessment from the RYA (PDF 280kB).

Once again:

These arrangements are dependent upon the government saying we may re-open.

Remember: Hands, Face, Space