Big thank you to those members who helped out at the September work party.  A massive amount of work was done in clearing the overgrown areas on the roadway.  
It would be good to get feedback from members on the summer work-parties now we have run a few: does Saturday morning work? Would it be better in the afternoon? Is monthly too frequent? etc. Email feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Why we are running these

When we rented the site the minimum work was okay to keep the landlord happy, with the work generally being carried out by a small number of members and then the two ‘turbo-charged’ February work-party weekends.  However, unlike many other clubs we are now in the enviable position of actually owning our site and being the current custodians we now have an obligation to ensure we maintain it to an acceptable level.
Creating the right environment helps maintain memberships levels, helps in attracting new members and ensures the ecology of the site is optimised.  Managing the ecology is really important morally but also practically as it supports the club development plans (planning permission obligations) also proactively managing the land stops areas getting overgrown which in turn negatively affects the wind pattern over the lake, this latter point affects all sailing members. 
So, if you want to enjoy more predictable wind across the lake, stock up your log-burner supplies or do your bit for the natural environment, the next work-party is planned for Saturday 5th October 9.30-13.00.