It's coming up to the work parties again! This year they're on 24th February and 3rd March, so put the dates in your diary.

As we are a members-run club, please do come and support the work parties as the work carried out benefits the club as a whole. We are currently compiling the list of jobs to do - however, it's your club, so what do you think we should be doing and what priority should be given to the jobs? There is also a whiteboard in the club house to note down jobs, or you can email the Vice Commodore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The different jobs suit all ages and abilities, so have a look at the list and come suitably clothed. Wellies, old clothes, gloves and any tools like tree loppers/saws would all be useful.

The galley will be open serving hot drinks and light lunches.

We will also be running training on the weed-cutting boat - it's the critical time of year to start cutting so racing doesn't get held up in the summer!

Provisional list of jobs:

  • Tree pruning
  • Clean up dinghy park and trailer park
  • Fill holes in car park
  • Clean club boats
  • Cut back willows
  • Clear area near the road
  • Clear the reeds near the slipway
  • Spring clean the race box, inside and out
  • Run bonfire
  • Deep clean bar
  • Front of club house white cladding/windows clean
  • Take out old electric showers gents & ladies, remove CWS dead legs
  • Replace washer on dripping outside tap
  • Further clean workshop - throw out rubbish
  • Clean between the workshop and boatshed - through out rubbish
  • Make the tyres on jetty permanent
  • Paint the inside of the committee boat cabin ( grey)
  • Concrete base around electrical cupboard
  • Erect waterproof enclosure around current electrical inlet
  • Cut branches near sign
  • Cut back vegetation on 1st gate to give clear view to entering traffic
  • Re-establish barbed wire across the green gate
  • General vegetation cut back around lake
  • Remove the unofficial sleeping camp on far bank, remove gas cylinder out of the
  • water ( careful for needles in camp)
  • Install the permanent Goose netting
  • Repair workshop roof ( think about a complete re-roof? )
  • Ridy out the LH boatshed ( throw away rubbish)
  • Fill rabbit holes around laser part of dinghy park
  • Remove buoys from lake, clean and repair
  • Replace handrail on race box
  • Re rope race flag pole, replace large metal clips so all clips same
  • Fill mole holes
  • Re-hang 1st gate
  • Fit security bar across main boat shed
  • Complete elec work following test
  • Cut tuff grass side of lake
  • Paint changing rooms
  • Launch 'Tangerine Dream' and check engine operation
  • Remove weed from lake surface
  • De-weed the trailer park
  • Move trailers from the car park back into the trailer park