Why not break up the week, leave the stress of work or college and join in with the twilight race on a Wednesday night?

The Wednesday race is typically a more relaxed and social affair than the weekend racing.  With just one race, there is time afterwards to enjoy the social side of racing, get a drink from the bar, watch the sun go down over the lake and swap “if only” stories from the race!

The race format is usually a pursuit race, which normally means those with less experience and in slower boats go off first.  This means a less crowded start line to worry about, then sailing as fast as you can, trying to keep the faster boats from catching you up.  Give it a try - you will really enjoy it!

For those who have or are about to attend the training sessions this is a great opportunity in a more relaxed atmosphere to put all that training to the test.

Hope to see you on the water….